Unable to resolve target android-8

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Android – Unable to resolve target android-8

Description :

When importing android project or creating/changing the resource file (R) the “unable to resolve target android-8′” problem can pop out.

I’m familiar with two solutions for this problem.

The first solution should work for everyone.

The reason I shared the second solution was because I was new to android at that time so I made a lot of newbie mistakes , so this was the creative solution I found :) .

My Solutions :

The first solution is :

  • Rebuild the project in eclipse:
    1. make sure there are no other problems instead of ‘unable to resolve target android-x’
    2. Uncheck the Build Automatically under the Project menu.
    3. Hit Clean under the Project menu.
    4. Hit Build Project under the Project menu.

unable to resolve target android-8 - build automatically

unable to resolve target android-8 - clean project

unable to resolve target android-8 - build project

This solution didn’t work for me because I imported my Android project in another way.

The second solution is :

  • Reimport the android project using the :
    • File -> Import ->Existing Android Code Into Workspace


thanks to this post on stackoverflow

a short post but I hope it helped some of you :)



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